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Accomodation in Garlenda

The old house was the mill of the castle, a propriety of the Marchesi del Carretto, which is located just steps from where the farm stands, and it was already known in the maps since 1630. The mill worked for centuries and today it is still possible to visit the old mill: our guests can see the millstones and the wheels, the stone washing tanks and the very old wooden press: ... can hear the powerful water running through the underground channels. Our home is the ideal place for those who are able to appreciate its character, its history and the quiet and friendly athmosphere.
Also the furniture are partially recovered and renewed or reinvented: the work of genius and the passion for art that has made each piece recovered a detail of harmony and beauty of any room, but especially identify the philosophy and the strength of this ancient house.

The apartments are furnished with style, preserved antique pieces carefully refurbished and offer visitors the opportunity to stay in a place equipped with every comfort, with the ability to breathe an authentic atmosphere of the past times.