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The farm

The farm is located around the main building and in some other places nearby (mainly olive tree grove and forests). The production of vegetables (salad, culiflowers, patatoes, zucchini,etc.), orchard, citrus grove, kiwis, fejoias and a small production of olive oil for personal use. From the forest we get firewood.

The heating in the Garlenda building is obtained  from biomasses burning dried pomace (waste of the oil production) and firewood. The hot water is obtained also from solar heating system on the roof with a big tank. The electricity is partially obtained with photovoltaic solar panels. In conclusion during your visit here your environmental impact will be minimal. We ask to all guests to help us keeping minimal the resource consumption (water, electricity, heating and especially air-conditioning levels) in order to reduce the environmental impact. All the apartment have trash bins to do the separation of the material we ask the honourable guests to help us separating various materials to protect the environment. The direction is happy to give any clarification concerning all these issues.